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Name Titan Slayer
Category Role Playing
Size 87.1MB
Popularity 7844
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/07/2021
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Mod Info:

Titan Slayer

Titan Slayer Game Introduction :

Collect powerful Companion Cards and form the greatest team!

A free-to-play roguelite RPG, Titan Slayer is made with overwhelming quality and content!

Use the Battalion generated from your own personalized deck to take on the Titan Slayer Dungeons!

[Game Features]

1. A cast of unique characters awaits you!

Zealot, Bomber Girl, Witch, Knight, and other extraordinary fantasy characters

Characters that are displayed with unique and detailed graphics!

Check the inherent skills that each character possesses!

2. Experience for yourself the effects that change each time depending on different skill combinations!

Exciting gameplay that goes beyond simple attack and defense through the use of skill effects

Basic skills can be combined to become devastating Final Strikes!

Gain special effects through various Orbs, Scrolls, and other Relics obtained from each stage!

3. Your very own Battalion formed by strengthening your characters!

Gain EXP with your characters to make them more powerful!

Fully enhance your Battalion by upgrading their HP, ATK, and DEF!

Strategically deploy characters and make use of their skills

4. Enjoy the Valhalla Pass that’s available every season!

Are you looking for a bigger reward, or a different kind of fun? Try the Valhalla Pass!

Complete Valhalla Pass missions and unlock rewards!

Obtain powerful Companion Cards from among other great rewards every season!

5. Exploration, VS Battle, Arena, and plenty of other unique content available in Titan Slayer!

You, defeater of evil beings, Stone Golems, Demons, Fairies, and the Spire, are the Titan Slayer!

A dungeon crawler roguelite RPG that crosses between single player and multiplayer!

Detailed adventures await you, from the Sloth Forest to the Valley of Pride!

‘VS Battle’ and ‘Arena’ for those experts that can’t be satisfied with just PVE

Titan Slayer Game screenshot :

Titan Slayer Game screenshot  1

Titan Slayer Game screenshot  2

Titan Slayer Game screenshot  3

Titan Slayer Game screenshot  4

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