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Name Strange strange de house
Category Casual
Size 79.2MB
Popularity 2494
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Strange strange de house

Strange strange de house Game Introduction :

Ever take a bath in ramen soup? Would you be afraid if there were monsters with different shapes and personalities besides humans in the bath?

Carefree pig no ears, huge green ghost originally is only know eat eat eat, dirt taste is actually a super big clean, live countless years of green square Lord big head is full of big questions, night to send dogs every day waiting in the end what is…

Monsters that exist only in legend come to the soup house. They are strange and cute, waiting for you to discover their stories.

To a seal for many years, just see the light of the cat meow shopkeeper work, pain and happy to accept cat slavery, let a shabby soup house gorgeous change, is to let here full cherry petals to meet the girl\’s heart? Or simple and style tatami style? It\’s all up to you!

The deserted soup house management wind water, passenger flow constantly, constantly make new human friends and monster friends, dialogue with them, listen to their passions, human Pepsi.

Not only can you run soup house, but also unlock the restaurant and a variety of delicious new dishes and more unexpected new areas, come to build your mind\’s monster soup house!

The game features

1, simulated operation to create soup house

Experience the happiness of running soup house, send leaflets to attract customers, upgrade the hot spring layout soup house to attract more customers, and make money constantly, from nothing to pot full of surplus!

The restaurant is out of food? Quickly to find treasure to dig vegetables! Wow, what a bountiful day!

No money? Let\’s get some more guests to the hot spring!

2, rich people set good feelings

Guests in the soup and eating will generate memory fragments, describing a corner of their life story, have eavesdropped on the happiness of the corner? To learn their whole story, cultivate goodwill, make friends, and listen to their innuendo about their lives, or their secret, sad, happy past.

Wonderful world cure painting style

A car full of customers was stopped, and the guests obediently filed into the soup house. Monsters as well as humans? He will thank you, treat you as a friend, and give you a gift.

Cure lovely painting style, strange strange no head. In the soup house, there are strange bosses, strange people, strange monsters, all kinds of strange events. Wander into such a strange and strange world ~

4. Friends exchange and give fragments

Did you collect excess debris? How do you get a rare five-star shard from a friend? Is it eurogas or hand speed? Experience the fun of collecting and swapping with friends!

Strange strange de house Game screenshot :

Strange strange de house

Strange strange de house

Strange strange de house

Strange strange de house

Strange strange de house

Strange strange de house (79.2MB)

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