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Name Dencrypt Connex
Category Communication
Size 47.0MB
Popularity 2625
Publisher Dencrypt A/S
Score 6.0
Publish Date 05/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Dencrypt Connex

Dencrypt Connex Game Introduction :

Dencrypt Connex is the solution to secure your business communications.
Voice calls and messages are end-2-end encrypted using Dynamic Encryption.

Dencrypt Connex protects your mobile conversation using the patented, state-of-the-art Dynamic Encryption technology. End-users exchange end-to-end encrypted voice calls and messages over insecure infrastructures, such as mobile networks, and public WIFI-networks.

Dencrypt Connex combines advanced cryptographic technologies with user-friendly operation. Connex works from commercially available smartphones without a need for additional hardware.

Dencrypt Connex supports an individual, centrally managed phonebook to ensure that only trusted user can communicate.

Dencrypt Connex is the trusted choice. Dencrypt Connex communicates via the Dencrypt Server System, which is Common Criteria certified (EAL2+).

Functional features:

* Encrypted voice calls and instant messages.
* Group calls and group messaging.
* Content sharing: Photo, video, audio, location.
* Time-constrained messages.
* Message delivery status
* Easy-to-navigate phonebook including favorites.
* Call history
* Excellent audio quality.

Security features:
* End-to-end encrypted voice calls and messages:
– AES-256 + Dynamic Encryption in GCM mode.
* Key management ensuring perfect forward secrecy.
– Voice calls: Key exchange using DTLS-SRTP
– Messages: Key exchange X3DH and Double Ratchet
* Secure storage of chat history and phonebook
– AES-256 + Dynamic Encryption (GCM)
– Dual keys stored on server and device.
* Encrypted push notifications
– AES256 (CFB)
* Secure provisioning of new users.
* Individual, centrally managed phonebook to ensure only trusted.

Dencrypt Connex Game screenshot :

Dencrypt Connex

Dencrypt Connex

Dencrypt Connex

Dencrypt Connex

Dencrypt Connex (47.0MB)

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