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Name Darkness and light
Category Casual
Size 1.5GB
Popularity 1999
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 21/10/2021
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Darkness and light

Darkness and light Game Introduction :

I woke up from my sleep. I had spent too much energy on the night before, but it had been worth it.

After days of reading books on dwarf-building, I think I\’ve figured out how to build a sturdy dwarf-castle — though I might not be able to do it all by myself. I might need some help building this castle, but that\’s all for another day,

Right now, I\’m more concerned about the magic mushrooms; After a long and comfortable farming life, I used to open the door to see the carefully cultivated crops, but I was shocked by the scene around me:

Thick black smoke filled a valley that was sunny yesterday,

The dwarves who have been digging in the center of the earth have set up a furnace around them to forge weapons.

In an instant, the ogres\’ advance troops roared past my house, trampling all the crops I had worked so hard to grow,

They fought with the dwarven clans in the valley;

I angrily picked up the staff and changed into a black cheetah,

It\’s a transfiguration I learned from the Druid Society a few months ago, and it\’s now being put to use;

I need to get to the depths of the valley as soon as possible, find the Council of Trees, and ask for their help against the ogre army.

As I walked through the mist into the woods, something shimmering caught my eye, and that… It\’s a faerie dragon egg…


\”Dark and Light mobile game\” is created by snail game, equipped with unreal 4 engine of a magic survival sandbox mobile game. With the help of new technology, to provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience. The mysterious and weird celestial climate system, the vast and diverse large world environment, and the rich variety of fantasy creatures bring players an amazing and exciting magic journey. High degree of freedom construction system, custom magic study technology, domestication, collection, production and other comprehensive business system, large-scale cross-zone confrontation and super free magic combat will also bring unique gameplay experience for players;

You can build houses, tame creatures, form guilds with friends, move between servers, and collaborate or fight with other players.

Here you can be a great architect, a magician, a farmer, a farmer, a king, or even a troublemaker. These are all in the world of \”Dark and Light mobile Game\”, the elements of the magic world are ready for you, please use your creativity to enjoy this game.

Darkness and light Game screenshot :

Darkness and light

Darkness and light

Darkness and light

Darkness and light

Darkness and light

Darkness and light (1.5GB)

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