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Name 迪托之劍
Category Role Playing
Size 751.0MB
Popularity 1590
Publisher Komoe Game
Score 6.0
Publish Date 11/11/2021
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迪托之劍 You can experience the game content free of charge.

迪托之劍 Game Introduction :

Dito’s Sword is an action RPG game. Every new legendary hero will fight against evil evil monsters, and the stories of reincarnation for generations have their own characteristics and are different. The game background is relaxed and pleasant, but there is no shortage of crisis: players need to explore the murderous dungeon, upgrade various abilities in the peaceful town, and finally clear the whole land. Unleash the power of Dito\’s Sword, manipulate cute characters, sweep huge trophies, complete epic duels, and make every adventure unforgettable!
Adventures with different contents are interlinked: each generation of adventures is rich in legends, which are completely different from the legends of the previous generations, and together form a magnificent epic with them. Each hero\’s actions, life and death success or failure will affect future heroes, as well as their ability to search for weapons and recover items from dead heroes.

Weapons, props and stickers are even more powerful: the weapons on hand include traditional sword and bow and arrow combinations, as well as vinyl disc frisbees that subvert the tradition and jump tones, magic golf clubs and big feet from heaven. Wield them to defeat the ink monster army! Collect and equip stickers to improve your character\’s abilities, and enchant your equipment so that you are fearless when facing that evil witch.

The main and branch plots are endless: write legends in your own way! You can break through various dungeons in any order, complete various dungeon missions in deep caverns and dark wells, and you can even directly challenge the ultimate difficulty-directly confront Momo once you get started!

※Important Note 1: The initial chapters can be played for free, and the full experience of all game content requires payment to unlock the full version.

※If there is a stored value or failure to unlock the full version, please contact the customer service mailbox: [email protected]

※Important Note 2: Android devices with 3G RAM and above are recommended for playing.

迪托之劍 Game screenshot :






迪托之劍 (751.0MB)

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